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Filmax BML-S 및 BML-O, Xeikon 디지털 프린팅 설비에서 인증 획득

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Nov 09, 2017


Newly certified Filmax films support added value, full colour and fast turnaround for container decoration. Xeikon users can meet increased market demands for container decoration and offer a broader range of services following the certification of substrates from South Korean Filmax, a manufacturer of polypropylene films.




In response to market demands for high-quality, value adding, full colour graphics and reduced delivery times for decorative containers, Xeikon has certified the Filmax BML-S and BML-O films after thorough testing at Xeikon’s production facility in Belgium. The films achieved Xeikon’s high print quality standards on the Xeikon 3500 and Xeikon 3050 digital presses, running on the Xeikon QA-IC toner. These outstanding results and what they enable customers to achieve are further supported by the advantages offered by Xeikon’s dry toner including a clear white ink opacity, excellent lightfastness and meeting food safety regulations.


Filip Weymans, VP Marketing Xeikon, commented: “We know our customers are always exploring new opportunities. As a trusted advisor we want to help them achieve that. With our market knowledge, digital printing expertise and key partnerships, we continuously expand the range of Xeikon qualitied substrates. Qualifying the substrates, we guarantee our customers they can confidentially print on new substrates while maintaining the same high quality results. By running the tests, we provide them with all the assurance they need. The newly qualified Filmax substrates will allow customers to strongly position themselves in the in-mould containers and injection in-mould segments.”


The Filmax BML-S is a film developed to obtain a smooth surface on labels, even after the Blow Mould process, and BML-O gives an ‘orange peel’ effect to the label after the Blow Mould process. Also certified is a Clear Blow Mould and a Metalized Blow Mould material in both High Gloss and Matte finishes.


Filmax, a leading manufacturer of polypropylene films including qualified BOPP and CPP films was established in Seoul, South Korea 40 years ago. It is committed to working to create innovative products and has been cooperating with Xeikon for more than four years to develop materials for its digital press portfolio.