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R&D Introduction

FILMAX for better qualitypassion

Always worry and research for better quality
It's a commitment to Philmax's customers.


The Institute of Technology is opening up the future at the center of the changing packaging industry through accumulated know-how and continuous research and development. We continue to devote ourselves to the development of customer-oriented prompt and accurate service, eco-friendly packaging materials and the development of multi-function, high-functional packaging materials..
'The passion of constant research and effort for the best quality' This is the philosophy of Philmax Technology Institute and commitment to our customers.


Profitable leader
in the film industry
Selecting and concentrating development items New product sales ratio Sales
Achieve more than 10%
Rapid and accurate technical support for our customersEnable User round and T / S
Provide optimal service solution
Securing technological competitivenessSecuring intellectual property rights and expanding external technology cooperation
Discover new businessesResearch for next-generation new product development
New product related industry use increase plan


client satisfaction
Customer Support Provide customers with prompt and accurate service
Quality improvementHigh quality and low prices are our promise to our customers
New material development We always strive to develop better, more economical products.
Production technology development Efficient and innovative production technology is the first step to customer satisfaction


Endless research and effort is Philmax's commitment to our customers.

2016 · 해더백용 고투명 CPP 필름 개발 (CPH)
2015 · 데코시트용 CPP 필름 개발 (CPTD)
2014 · TPU 이형용 유백 OPP 필름 개발 (WT)
2013 · 종이 라미용 소프트필 필름 개발 (VW-L) · 철판 보호용 투명 CPP 필름 개발 (PEPP)
2012 · 이차전자 리드탭용 필름 개발 (EPB-T) · 광학시트 보호용 자기점착 필름 개발 (EPA-2K)
2011 · 유백 OPP 보호필름 개발 (WG-M)
2009 · Development of high-impact transparent retort CPP film(CPR-HU) · Development of high impact white retort CPP film(CPR-WS, CPR-UW)
2008 · Development of prism sheet back protective adhesive film for LCD(Blue:EPA-B1) · Display screen protection film development · Development of low temperature shrink film (SHL)
2007 · Developed base film for front protective coating of prism sheet for LCD (transparent:EPS, Blue: EPS-B) · Developed pharmaceutical packaging film (KVM) · Development of antimicrobial MATT biaxially oriented film(S-DF)
2006 · Development of cheese packaging film(CPCH)
2005 · Soft Retort film development (CPR-HL) · Development of antibacterial antifouling film(S-AFO) · Development of plastic ink absorbent synthetic paper(WIP)
2004 · Development of reflective film for agricultural use(MCR) · Developed acryl-coated biaxially oriented film for label(APL)
2003 · Development of packaging film on DVD (CPH) · Developed biaxially stretched film for lamination(MPGL)
2003 FILMAX Foundation
2002 · Development of biaxially stretched film for cold-seal(BG-R) · Development of high gloss acrylic coating film (APG)
2001 · No Anchor laminating film development (LF-T/DF-T) · Development of lead-free film for label (CPCL)
2000 · Development of non-smokeless matte film (CPD) · Twist film development(CPC)
1999 · Development of Easy-Peel Film (CPO) · Developed antimicrobial biaxially stretched (SF) · Developed UV-printable synthetic paper (WP)
1998 · Development of packaging film for syringe with thermal lami (CPJ-T)
1997 · Developed high strength shrink film(SPH) · Developed Wrap Guard film for car exterior protection(CPU)
1996 · Developed hologram film for wrapping · Development of Environmentally Friendly Acrylic Coating Film(APB)
1994 · Photodegradable film development
1990 · Developed the first shrinkage biaxially stretched film in Korea (SX) · Developed first white film in Korea (WO) · Developed heat-resistant film to achieve new era of retort packaging (CPR)
1989 · Developed first matte biaxial stretched film in Korea (DF)
1987 · Developed the first high-shear coating film in Korea (KPG)
1984 · Developed the first pearlescent film in Korea (FG)


  • research lab
  • dsc4000
  • agilent_g3440b
  • melt_flow_index
  • moisture_bapor_transmition
  • spectrum_two_with_atr
  • ThermogravimetricAnalyzer
  • · FT-IRMaterial Analysis
  • · DSCMaterial Analysis
  • · TGAHeat Analysis
  • · Melt Flow IndexerMelting Index Measurement for Resins
  • · GCAntistatic addtives Analysis of Materials
  • · GPCPolymer Molecule Quantity Measurement
  • · SEM/EDSSurface Characteristics Analysis
  • · Hot Tack TesterHeat seal Characteristics Analysis
  • · Falling Dart Impact testerImpact Resistance Measurement for Films
  • · Box FurnaceMineral Determinate Quantity Analysis
  • · UV TesterDurability Measurement (Expose to Ultraviolet Rays)
  • · L-Shape Shrink Packing MachineShrink Film Packing Test
  • · CPP Pilot M/CCast Polypropylene Film/Sheet Forming
  • · Lab StretcherBiaxially Oriented Film Forming
  • · Pilot Coating M/CCoated film forming
  • · Pilot M/BMasterbatch Production
  • · MVTR TesterMoisture permeability Measurement
  • · O2TR TesterOxygen Permeability Measurement
  • · Roughness TesterSurface Roughness Measurement
  • · Static Electricity Measuring MachineStatic Electricity Measurement for Films
  • · Haze MeterTransparency Measurement for films
  • · Gloss MeterGlossiness Measurement for films
  • · Coefficient of Friction TesterSlip Property Measurement for films
  • · Dry OvenShrinkage Measurement for films
  • · Elmendorf TesterTear Strength Measurement for films
  • · Stiffness TesterStiffness Measurement for films


· Quality Guarantee
Sort Name Date
Patent Three-later polypropylene film 1992. 07. 30
Cast polypropylene film 1992. 09. 23
Aluminum metallized cast polypropylene film 1993. 10. 10
Light degradation polyolefin resin 1994. 10. 08
Hologram finished BOPP film for over-wrapping 1996. 02. 01
Composites for microwaves 1996. 12. 18
Mulching film for agricultural use and its manufacturing process 1997. 08. 22
Hologram embedded paper and its manufacturing process 1997. 08. 22
Heat sealable, non-glossu cast polypropylene film 1998. 10. 30
Poluolefin coextrude film for thermal lamination 1999. 04. 15
Twist film 2002. 02. 24
Polyvinylalcohol composite and its manufacturing process 2002. 06. 20
Polyolefin-based coextruded stretched polypropylene (OPP) film 2005. 11. 21
Composition for coextrusion-oriented polypropylene film and adhesive layer 2013. 05. 13
In-mold label and manufacturing method thereof 2013. 06. 12
Utility Models Retort film and its manufacturing process 2000. 02. 07
Bread packaging coextrude film 2000. 11. 20
Anti-fogging and low hear sealable film for agricultural products 2001. 05. 15
BOPP film having a surface layer containing an antibacterial substance 2004. 10. 22
Trademark SUBAREX 2002. 03. 12

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