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ANTI-VIRUS FILM (LUMI N+)Filmax and Lumi N+’s Anti-Virus film is the world’s first film to be combined with Quaternary Ammonium Compounds(N+),
having the most effective antibacterial and antivirus properties.
Our Anti-Virus film has much stronger antibacterial and antivirus effect than exsiting copper(Cu) and silver ion(Ag+) films.

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- Information

1. Anti-viral:

For the first time, Filmax and LUMI N+ has succeeded in completely combining PET film with Quaternary Ammonium Compound, one of the five substances WHO recommended being effective against COVID-19. Thus, making our Anti-Virus film the one and only film effective against COVID-19.

Laboratory biosafety guidance related to corona virus disease(COVID-19)
  • Copper(Cu) or Silver ion(Ag+) is not mentioned.
  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds is mentioned being effective against COVID-19.
2) Deactivating the virus through fluorescent material:

When our Anti-Virus film meets fluorescence, the film deactivates HIV VIrus* or MLV Virus**, preventing further proliferation.

*Human Immunodeficiency Virus
**Murine leukemia virus
HIV virus Deactivation

HIV virus Deactivation

MLV virus Deactivation

MLV virus Deactivation

2. Certifications

Antibacterial test report.
◆ Antimicrobial Activity and Efficacy Test by JIS Z 2801:2010Tested by FITI Testion & Research Institute, Seoul, Korea (M288-13-02015)
Blank LAF polyester film
Flora 1 Initial count 2.1 x 104 2.1 x 104
After 24 h 1.8 x 104 < 0.63
Antibacterial Activation Value - 4.5
Flora 2 Initial count 1.4 x 104 1.4 x 104
After 24 h 1.4 x 104 < 0.63
Antibacterial Activation Value - 6.3
Standard film Stomacher ® 400 POLY-BAG
Flora 1 Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538P
Flora 2 Escherichia coli ATCC 8739

bacterial count/cm2
Antibacterial Activation Value (log scale)

항균력 시험사진 : 균주 1

항균력 시험사진 : 균주 1 Blank

항균력 시험사진 : 균주 2

항균력 시험사진 : 균주 2 Blank

항균력 시험사진 : 균주 1

항균력 시험사진 : 균주 1 After Coating Flora1

항균력 시험사진 : 균주 2

항균력 시험사진 : 균주 2 After Coating Flora2

Toxcity test: non-toxic to human

루미나노 항균 물질 독성 실험
  • Single treatment with LumiO
  • Intraperitoneal injection
    (3 mice / group)
  • Mouse : Slc:ICR 6 주령 (중앙동물실험)
    body weight (every 3 days)

Bodjy weight

Bodjy 무게 그래프
  • control : PBS
  • 결론:
  • - 전 경우수명에 영향이 없음
  • - 1 mg/kg까지 독성의 영향이 나타나지 않음
Slc : ICR mice 33 days after single treatment with LumiO
  • Intraperitoneal injection
    (3 mice / group)
  • control : PBS
  • 0.2 ng of LumiO per kg of body weight
  • 20 ng of LumiO per kg of body weight
  • 1.85 ㎍ of LumiO per kg of body weight
쥐 해부
  • 결과 : 각 경우 특이성을 보이지 않음

Hazard test.

Amphibian embryogenesis toxicity test
Lumio 생존 독성

survival rate(%)

생존 비율 그래프

Lumio (nM)

  • 사용된 배아 수 :
  • - 실험균당 14마리로 1회
  • - 반복 실험 결과임
  • Test result :
  • - Survive : 유의적 생존 위협 없음
  • - Malformation : 기형 유발성 없음
LumiO의 피부 독성시험
  • 처리방법 : 식품의약품안정청 의약품등의 독성 시험 기준
  • Mouse의 털을 제거 후, paper disc에 LumiO를 각 농도 별 20ul처리
  • LumiO 농도 : 1 nM, 1 uM, 1 mM
  • 밴드로 고정시킨 후 72hr 후에 관찰
피부 독성시험
  • 결과 : 각 농도별 피부에 특이증상이 관찰되지 않음
  • Filmattheofficefor1month.
  • Cottonattheofficefor1month
  • Polyesterattheofficefor1month

Cf) ATMmachineat신한은행(한양대): 4
Cu 엘레베이터 버튼: 393

ATP test: Test that checks level of bacteria and virus. The higher the more bacteria or virus is contained

  • Copper(Cu)’s ATP rate is high, 393.
  • Our Anti-Virus films is extremely low, 4.

- Comparsion with other existing antibacterial films

1. Filmax & LUMI N+ Anti-Virus film has suceeded for the first time in combining PET film and Quaternary Ammonium Compound through covalent bonding using the “Surface Molecular Nano-coating Technology”.

Surface Molecular Nano-coating Technology

투명 Polyester Film
Surface Molecular Nano-coating advantages:
  • 1. The Quaternary Ammonium Compound activates on the whole film surface equally.
  • 2. The film surface is stablized because the of the Surface Molecular Nano-coating Technology.
  • 3. The film has total transparency.
발명의 명칭 : 항균 조성물 및 이를 이용한 표면 항균 처리 방법

Micrograph of copper(Cu) antibacterial film.

시판중인 구리 항균  필름 부착물의 현미경 사진
Products currently on the market Side effects and inefficiencies.
Copper(Cu) Antibacterial film - The film surface contians only 0.02% Copper that makes the films very ineffective.
- Due to the Copper(Cu) particles, the films is opague.
Silver ion(Ag+)
Antibacterial film
- Silver ions embedded in the film have no antibacterial effect
- When silver ions on the surface dissolve in moisture, silver ions are highly toxic.
- Due to the Silver ion(Ag+) particles, the films is opague.

2.Transparency comparsion:

Our Anti-Virus films is much more transparent.

구리(Cu) 필름

Copper(Cu) Film

필맥스의 Anti-Virus 필름

Filmax’s Anti-Virus film

ANTI-VIRUS FILM (LUMI N+)As a result, in every part, Our Anti-Virus films is superior than existing Copper(Cu) or Silver ion(Ag+) antibacterial films.