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    We design, build, install and maintain complete digital printing solutions for labels & packaging, document & commercial and folding carton. The same goes for ThermoFlexX, our specialist in flexo and letterpress plate makers, and basysPrint, CTP for digital imaging of offset printing plates experts

  • CTP packaging

    CTP Packaging Europe is a marketing and sales company that is active in the In-Mould industry as well as in specialised packaging. Over the years we have gathered a vast knowledge and experience in the field of IML material, printing, die cutting and which materials to use for the various IML applications.

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Shrink Polypropylene Film

SPP Film特殊ポリプロピレン樹脂を用いた熱収縮フィルムであり、適切な温度の収縮トンネルを通過して収縮させる方法をとって乳加工TRAY製品、カップラーメン、書籍などの形が不規則な商品をタイトに包装するのに利用され、自動的に複数のを詰めるマルチ包装ラインにも便利です。

Product Usage


  • カップラーメンの包装


  • Bundle 包装用

Product Data

* 透明フィルム
Film Type Thickness microns Yield m2/Kg Sealability Treatment Description
SPG 13 85.5 o x 軽量物の包装シュリンクフィルム
15 74.1 o x
20 55.6 o x
25 44.4 o x
SPH 13 85.5 o x 重量物包装用シュリンクフィルム
15 74.1 o x
20 55.6 o x
25 44.4 o x